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"BIO ELEA CRETA" Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil

Olive Varieties : Koroneiki

Production : Controlled  quantity

Sizes : Maraska (dark) bottle 500ml

Crop : from middle of Νοvember until the end of February

Acidity : maximum acidity 0,5%

Color : gold-green

Taste : intense fruity, equilibrated and pleasant taste

Certified Origin and Quality : By International Standards and Regulations of the Greek Government Services, and the certified BIO HELLAS organisation.

Cultivation : Modern cultivation methods and techniques complete now the traditional knowledge and upgrade the olive trees of the land.
More specifically our cultivation methods have not only a distinct quality but also an ecological orientation.

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B-5150 Maraska dark 500 ml 12 10.400 248x185x269 GR, GB 5203584110508
Information About Organic Olive Oil

The organic extra virgin olive oil is the extra virgin olive oil which is produced from organic biological olive cultivation (organic farming).

In accordance with Council Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 as well as other subsequent regulations setting out the legislative framework about organic production of agricultural products, organic farming is defined as a management system of agricultural exploitations that enforces considerable limitations to synthetic fertilizer and pesticides usage.
The aforementioned regulations further define that organic farming promotes objectives such as the production of quality goods that do not contain residues of agrochemical substances, the development of techniques friendly to the environment, which guarantee the absence of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, as well as the implementation of cultivating methods that restore and preserve soil fertility.
According to the same regulations, obligatory controls are carried out during all organic  product stages, that is, during production, standardization, identification and trading by authorized controlling and standardizing organizations. These organic products shall obtain the relative identification of being organic  only in the event that the results of said controls comply with the specifications set out.

With respect to consumers, the great advantage they enjoy buying certified organic products is that said products are free of plant protection substances residues, the reason being that usage of agrochemical substances as well as detection of such substances on organic products are prohibited.

Description of the Procedure for the Production of the Organic Olive Oil BIO ELEA CRETA


Olive cultivation (varieties "Koroneiki", "Psilolia" exclusive grown in Plora province, South Crete, Heraklion), using organic techniques of production. Olive growers are controlled by Organic Products Certification Organization "BIO HELLAS" in accordance with the legislative framework set out bu regulation 2092/91 during the entire olive growing period.

The olive trees are caned and the olives collected from the nets spread under the trees, into bags made
from vegetal material.

Subsequently the bags are transported to the olive mill and the olives immediately grinded in the presence of bio-grower. The olive mill is certified by the same Organic Products Certification Organization "BIO HELLAS", base on the same regulation pertaining to olive grinding and oil extraction.

Olive exfoliation and washing.

Olive cracking and kneating.

Centrifugation (separation of the olive kerns from the liquids contained in the olives).

Centrifugal separation of the olive liquids into oil and vegetal liquid residues.

The oil is stored in suitable bio-grower's containers and transported by the bio-grower to the Elea Creta co facilities.

Elea Creta has been certified and now controlled by "BIO HELLAS" Organic Products Certification Organization for the standartization of extra virgin olive oil (EL-03-BIO KP.480477)

The olive oil shall be collected and stored in stainless tanks exclusively used for organic olive oil storage, provided that the analysis results are within the specifications set out, and following the presentation by the grower of organic agricultural product certificate that issued by "BIO HELLAS" Certifying Organization, according to which the producer under "BIO HELLAS" complies with organic cultivation specification set out by regulation 2092/91.

The olive oil shall remain into the container until it is naturally purified by precipitation.

The oil shall the be filtered by means of paper filter.

Thence, the oil shall be stored in another stainless tank, exclusively used for filtered organic olive oil storage.

Chemical and organoleptic oil analysis shall follow for post-filtering quality control.

Washing of bottling line by means of organic olive oil, after which the organic olive oil shall be bottled, labeled and identified. Bottling may be carried out in the presence of "BIO HELLAS" Certifying Organization representative.

The bottles shall then be encased and the cases paletized.
Olive oil sampling is carried out in the presence of both the grower and the "BIO HELLAS" Certifying Organization representative. Two sealed samples are then dispatched to certified laboratory for examination pertaining to plant-protection subsctances residues. A third sample shall be examined by the chemical laboratory of Elea Creta co in respect to oil quality classification.

Private Label

We are able to satisfy your trading needs, with the private label products.
We cooperate with many companies worldwide, for private label products supply.           

There is the ability of private label for Super Markets, also.

Chemical analyses are available upon request



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