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Olive oil – cholesterol and heart diseases : The diet model of the habitants of the Mediterannean  and Cretans especially, includes plenty carbohydrates , fruits and vegetables , little meat  and plenty dairy products, many legumes, medium quantity of fish and  much of extra virgin olive oil. Some researchers added the red wine, although there weren’t few who claimed that Mediterranean's climate  as well as the local cultural and philosophical convictions have a great part. Olive oil is one of the most important monounsaturated fats that increases the "good" (HDL) cholesterol and reduces the "bad" (LDL), fixing a balanced system of lipids in blood. So, it destroys the formation of fat "tiles" at the inner surface of arteries, that can be developed to throbs and cause heart attacks.

Olive oil and childhood : The nutrition is a very important issue especially for babies and children. Olive oil in the daily diet of children helps the  brain and skeleton  to develop.

Olive oil and skeleton : In 1980 Laval – Jeantet and his collaborates announced a very interesting study about the lipids role to the development of the human skeleton . The lipids  enrich the bones with metallic elements and assist in the maintenance of bone thickness.

Olive oil and sports : Lipids and hydrocarbons are two of the main nutrition substances  that have the basic chemical energy necessary for every activity of the body.

Olive oil and diabetes : Recent clinical studies shown that olive oil keeps the diabetes at low levels, especially for the non insulin-depended people.


The staple of the Mediterranean cuisine  - that is considered the healthiest regimen among physicians and nutritionists – is quality olive oil.
The olive oil keeps the main presence in the diet of the Mediterranean countries.
It is consumed in the daily diet either raw or cooked with different ways and various gastronomical techniques (oven, casserole, grill, pan)


- The extra virgin olive oil has intense organoleptic characteristics:   color, taste, aromas, texture, while it can be ideally used in salads, raw vegetables and greens, also combined with vinegar or lemon.
- It can be used in salads, fresh boiled vegetables and wild greens. On boiled or roasted potatoes, on  peppers, pumpkins, broccoli, chicory and cauliflower.
- In more complicated salads i.e. the ones with base of potatoes, bread, garlic, parsley, eggplants and preserved roe.
The olive oil is ideally absorbed of all those materials resulting in a pleasant, tasteful dish.
- On raw or roast cheeses, accompanied by oregano or thyme.
- On boiled meat or even poultry
- Over rusks, especially of barley, or over French toasts
- In sauces for meat  or fish
- In combination with different aromatic herbs and greens in the middle of the table , accompanied by bread , instead of classic butter.


  • The olive oil has the characteristic of preserving the softness of meat, fish and vegetables while roasted. The same is valid for a whole category of vegetables, legumes and pies that are baked in the oven
  • The olive oil is a material that can be easily mixed with butter or margarine  - if you wish – especially in meals or pastries  that usually are roasted or baked in the oven.
  • Also, it can be used for pastries baked in the oven  i.e. olive pies, biscuits and cookies. It preserves the cakes and pies soft and moist, whilst the cookies and biscuits crunchy. It gives a special flavor to bread  and pastries. Firstly, it can be used either for the paste prevention  on the baking pan or even as a natural substance for the protection of the leaven, giving a rose-red crust. It also allows to the spices contained in breads, cookies, pastries and pies to distinguish their aromas.


Poor the meat, the poultry, the fish and vegetables with marinates of aromatic greens, spices and olive oil. The result will be spectacular  and very tasty, while the flesh will remain soft  and the unpleasant tanning of the external surface will be avoided.
If you wish you may apply olive oil on the food that is grilled. Fill a bowl with olive oil, salt, aromatic herbs and greens, little bit of lemon or vinegar,  and poor it over the steaks,  the chicken, the fish or vegetables that are grilled. Their flavor will be better,  won’t paste on the grill and will have a nice rose color.


The traditional Mediterranean cuisine has many foods cooked in casserole. Their main ingredient is the quality extra virgin olive oil .Besides the vegetables , greens and the legumes, meat can also be cooked in casserole with olive oil. The meat is usually accompanied by potatoes, vegetables or greens i.e. pumpkins, eggplants, Spinach, cauliflowe , or even by pasta. Also, there are  recipes for meat that can be cooked only with olive oil and the least quantity of water. All foods cooked in casserole demand great attention of olive oil and water portion. It’s better to cook in low temperature in order for the water to evaporate and let food only with it’s oil.


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